Hello Friends,

the new update Beta-A001 contains:


  • First user on highscore = null bug

  • Text visual corrections

  • Beastcards now stacks correctly

  • Tutorial corrected

  • Beast: Animation swapped wrong on extern impact while attacking protectbase

  • Recycling building / process works correctly on every map

  • Bullet hit system is improved a lot

  • Logo correction everywhere

  • Light corrections, improvements

  • Holy / Stun, animation changes fixed states

  • Beasts waypoints calculation fixed on collisions

  • Teleportation reverse bugs / split beasts wrong turn

  • Shield calculation on protectbase fixed

  • Spawneggs smaller impact


  • NEW Prestige Shop unlocked on Prestige-Rank 2

  • Remember Log-In data (secured locally)

  • NEW Building Modulgenerator (special level 10)

  • NEW Core Mechanic (ranged beasts attack rate increases while attacking ONE target)

  • Level request for module while dragging it (click right mouse button while module is on mouse)

  • ADDED Intro Create Profile, Intro Increasing Attributes, Outro Credits

  • Core Mechanics can now be read in play menu

  • NEW Create Teams: Up to 8 players can collect prestige-points together

  • NEW Team Ranked Leaderboard

  • NEW Design of ranked leaderboards: SOLO Leaderboard up to 100 players, SOLO Leaderboard can show your rank + area around you (>100 ranked) and new TEAM Leaderboard

  • NEW Safe Ending

  • ADDED Prestige Items (24 with different values, random)

  • ADDED Prestige Inventory system

  • Random Maps


  • Balanced: DMG Less cast values changed, Deadhell map balancing, Mainbase gold changed when upgrading economy -> less, Beast Temple adds +1 beastlevel on path changing, 

  • Scaling / Leveling / Visuals, complete game balancing swaped to more easy for first 1-2 prestige ranks, 

  • Language German / English nearly completely implemented

  • More modern and smaller UI in-game, constant sizes / colours

  • Airplane has now 3D sound for better finding

  • Modulfactory design improved, better visuals

  • Inventory visuals / size changes

  • Beast Temple camera changes

  • Instructions improved