Properties (Basic)



Ressources you get:

(after recycling a modul)

Experience you earn / modul:

Build up time:



~ 30 % gold, rubo, amne of basic costs for the modul (no upgrades)

1750 Exp (Basic Exp) + Bonus Exp (special)

~11,1 sec



The modulrecycling building allows you to recycle (destroy) the modules you don´t need anymore. Beside the fact that you earn back about 30 % of the invested ressources for the modul (without upgrades / basic) you also earn a big amount of experience. This is important to level up your profile as fast as possible.

Sometimes it could be useful to invest the ressources in modules just to recycle them into experience.

This building can be demolished anytime. The recyclingprogress does not need the player in range to complete.

The ressources and experience you get back after recycling can be improved in the skillstar.

Every modul costs the same amount of time for recycling that can not be upgraded anywhere.

The button for this building can be found in the buildingmenu (see HUD) with the name moduling.

The properties of this building increases with every levelpoint you invest in special.