Properties (Basic)



Max. Modul Upgrade Level:

Build up time:





~14,3 sec



The Modulupgrade building enables you to upgrade your level of any modul by increasing a property of it with gold . You can upgrade an existing property of any modul . Following properties are possible:

  • Damage

  • Duration

  • Movement Slow

  • Crit Chance %

  • Modul Effect Chance %

  • Radius of effect

The properties can only be upgraded if they affect the modul . Every upgrade costs the same amount of gold even after upgrading, what makes the decision harder. After a upgrade the costs for the next upgrade is generated with an upgrade cost factor. The upgrade process costs some time that is shown in a progress bar over the building . Here are some examples:

The freezer modul does not make damage, so you are not able to upgrade the damage of it.

Every upgrade increases the modul level by one. So you have to decide whisely what upgrade you´ll need. There is no possibility to reset the properties of a modul . To learn more about the modulemechanics visit the modul page on this wiki.

The upgrade cost factor can be lowered (makes upgrades cheaper) in the skillstar.

The upgrade speed can be increased in the skillstar.

The button for this building can be found in the buildingmenu (see HUD) with the name moduling.