BETA RELEASE ON 25.06.2021 - BUY THE GAME HERE - 4.99,-€


On 25.06.2021 this button can be used to buy the game for 4.99,- €.

The launcher downloads the zipped files to your local drive (usually: C:\programs\arrivalofbeasts). If the directory is not existing the launcher will create it. After downloading the zip file will be extracted automatically in that directory. Depending on your computer this takes some time, have patience. After unzipping the files you can check for updates, start the game or delete everything via launcher. If you use any security software on your computer it may delete files or block the game because the free version of unity collects hardware information on start. The windows defender also can throw a warning on the screen, sorry I am just a single person without bigger budget. Thanks for playing Arrival of Beasts. It´s made with a lot of time and brain to give you a bit of classic fun.

Nico W.