Properties (Basic)


Gold costs:

Modul slots:

Upgrade Costs for Level 2:

Upgrade Costs for Level 3:

Upgrade Costs for Level 4:

Disable time:

(when the disable button is pressed, so you can insert modules while beasts in range)



Attack Rate:


Max. Build Amount:

Build up time:


100 gold

1 slot


250 gold

1000 gold

4000 gold

8 seconds

11 Fields

3,5 - 8,5 Dmg

1 Bullet / 6,2 sec

30 Fields / sec

1 Tower

~9 sec





The singletower (sniper tower ) has a big range and bullet speed. Also the damage of this tower compared to other is very high. The modulslot allows you to add a single modul. The problem is the low attack rate. Combined with a modul that has a low chance to hit the effect makes the modul nearly useless. This toweris a very good solution to protect other towers against ranged beasts. With a small amount of luck the maximum damage is insane against bossbeasts.

This tower can be demolished if wanted to be rebuild. If the healthpoints reach 0 the tower is destroyed and can not be rebuild.

The button for this building can be found in the buildingmenu (see HUD) with the name military.

The properties of this building increases with every levelpoint you invest in military.

If the tower is not under attack the the healthpoints can be filled (repaired) up by the player if he´s close enough.

The max. build amount can be raised in the skillstar by upgrades. In-game the tower can be upgraded 3 times to level 4 with better properties.